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Giant Cool Benefit Yard Sale, this weekend!

June 16 and 17th 9am - 2pm

920 Cardinal Lane, Austin, Tx 78704

Huge, multi-family sale, brought to you by artists and creatives who are friends of Spaulding the Dog. Spaulding is Content Love Knowles' beloved border collie mix, who went blind overnight earlier this year as a result of diabetes. Spaulding is going to get his eyesight back this summer, due to the concerted efforts of his many friends. He's on track for cataract surgery in July or August, and is in pre-treatment right now, which gives us time to do the necessary fundraising.

So, the sale: Tons of designer clothing - casual and business separates and dresses, lots of linen - CP Shades, FLAX, El Interior, J Jill, and much more, in sizes M/L/XL/XXL with lots of XL. Also real vintage, party clothes, costumes, sleep wear, workout/yoga wear, and formals in sizes 4 - 26. Many many gorgeous items in sizes 10/12/14, lots of pants and dresses in very good condition. Our packrattism over the years = your benefit/value/great finds now. Mostly women's items with some choice men's stuff. Oh, and the SHOES - size 7/7.5 Bjorn, Dansko, Camper, etc, some new/in box, and size 10 vintage and party heels. If you wear one of these sizes, you are a winner.

Musical instruments, electronics/accessories, lawn mower, tools, objet d'art, neon sculpture, garden stuff, small furniture, 100s of books (lots of mysteries and modern fiction), cds, records, and dvds, with more sale items arriving every day.

We are also accepting donations for the sale daily (message/email Content for more information) and cash donations at our chipin located at:http://contentloveknowles.chipin.com/spauldings-eyes
minoan parisienne knossos 1400BC

stolen recipes! sweet potato hash

Gina's SPH

Sweet Potato Hash Recipe:

1 large sweet potato (diced into .5" cubes)
3/4 large sweet onion (slightly larger dice)
1/4 c sun dried tomato (similar dicing)
1 tbsp Tony Cachere Creole Seasoning

Toss in enough oil to barely coat. Spread evenly in baking dish and bake uncovered at 350 deg for 15 minutes. Stir and test for done-ness. Go in 5-10min increments until done.
minoan parisienne knossos 1400BC


last night, late
after alldayallnightallthedaybefore

it could have been dexter, could have been amelie
if everything weighs the same
than nothing weighs


in the end it was buk and bourbon and ventilator blues
and then

"meeting is more exciting than parting but parting is
important if you want to stay alive in a certain way.
never again will I see all of your beauty sleeping, wide-
legged, immune to me: we've all been cheated."

and fuck you and oh no
boo hoo and so be it
mad monk and the siren song
good thing life is long
minoan parisienne knossos 1400BC

girlfriend dearfriend

And I, you, love.
I woke up thinking about this, because, well, I woke up thinking about it.
So please let me know what happens
and YEAH I think it would be awesome if you
wrote all about it, information is power
and stories are often the thing that gets other women
off their butts and on the phone making that appointment
to get that early screening.
but don't beat yourself up about that.
and as for your judas body,
nobody knew more about love than fucking
Judas rocked.
Judas got a real bad rap.

Judas knew everything about love.

So don't assume you're going to get betrayed here.

We shall see.
We shall see.
We shall see beautiful things for years and years
together and separately

this I believe
I gotta

we shall see
minoan parisienne knossos 1400BC

Hamelin (lyrics draft 1.0)

How many bodies does it take
to decimate a town
well one in ten
but you see
you must take into strict account
the amount
of willing workers
working willingly
in ratio to moody broody visionaries
not to mention breeding stock,
and all the myriad skills
a thriving town might need
it's merciless mathematics
expressed mercilessly
and if this makes you uneasy please remember
it can all so easily go wrong
and leave us less than strong

(in active revision)
minoan parisienne knossos 1400BC

CLK YARD SALE - 4 years in the making!!!

Hey, Austin Peeps - I'm finally getting around to doing it. And because I haven't done it in, oh, over four years, you just know I have a lot of shiny primo schtuffs saved up to trade for your crumply paper money.

YARD SALE - Sat Dec 4th, 8am - 2pm at 920 Cardinal Lane in beautiful South Austin 78704. Awesome women's clothes, shoes, hats, costumes; musical instruments and cds, dvds, books, furniture, sewing machine w/table, lamps, curtains, linens, tools, art supplies, masks, objet d'art and the ever popular "much much more!"

Come on down! I might even manage some coffee and breakfast tacos. But definitely schtuff. Shiny, shiny schtuff you will want to take to your house (or someone's house, but away from my house ;)
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I've got one ACL 3-Day Pass for sale. It's $145, because I bought it super early and I'll be passing on those savings to the lucky buyer. Cash, natch. It's sold out, btw.

SOLD. In 30 seconds.
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obviously loaded

I just handed James Mac all the masters I possess from the Rites of Eleusis, Austin, 1995 - 2002. And also, the handwritten initiation records from our first 3 years of doing initiations, starting in March 2005. Obviously all that information was digitized some years ago, but the originals carry their own weight/interest as archival objects, and so they have gone home.