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Content Love Knowles

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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2010|09:51 am]
Content Love Knowles
What a pleasure, to be able to format, edit, and write as many goddam characters as I wish ;)
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(no subject) [Aug. 4th, 2010|09:39 am]
Content Love Knowles
We're in the middle of a heat wave, solar storms, and a big interesting configuration of planets in the sky, and life has been tumultuous, but today, I'm feeling pretty good. More up on the board, less down in the soup. I tend to thrive on certain flavors of chaos as long as I can stay out of the soup. More chaos surfing, less chaos swimming, yep.

Been reading a lot this summer, some recent books enjoyed include this week's library scores: Something Missing, by Matthew Dick; Watching Gideon, by Stephen H Foreman; The Serialist, by David Gordon, Bluesiana Snake Festival, by Aubrey Bart; and a big shout out to pretty much everything Maggie Estep ever published, unfortunately read through earlier this spring in one greedy gulp. Good stuff for the early morning porch.

In April, on April Fool's Day or thereabouts, the neighbor's young female kitty fooled us all and had a litter of kittens in the high grass in the middle of my back yard. She told no one, but I've got to believe Spaulding knew all along since he has a dog door and 24/7 back yard access. We discovered them about 2 weeks later - horrifyingly enough while weed whacking the high grass, which almost gave Carl a heart attack. They were all fine though, and I decided to take them on and make sure they got proper food and vaccs etc. Got the momcat, Lucy, spayed when they were 7 weeks old and weened them away. There were four kits in the litter, one met a bad end when it snuggled up to a fan belt early on. The other three have thrived, and Rinpoche, Diane de Prima and Bandrowski are all here with me now. Theoretically, DdP and Bandy are supposed to go to Carl at his new art gallery/studio/home over at 6th and Pedernales but it's still in the painting and fixing up stage, so right now, I have all the cats and the longer I keep 'em, the harder it's going to be to separate them. But I think it will all come out fine.

It's sort of funny and ironic (in that secondary definition of ironic, you know, where "God is an iron") that I ended up with 3 cats here, since after my kitties all lived a natural span (for the most part) and died in the last few years, I hadn't gotten another cat because Dave is allergic and it seemed unfriendly. But I have pined for a cat. And I live alone. So, what I've learned is, don't pent up those magical pining urges because when the dam busts, the bounty may overflow. Three of them. If you're on FB and connected to me there, you've seen so many kitten pictures that I'm sure appear old and addled ;) And the Spauld? HE LOVES THEM. They touch noses, they cuddle up, they play. He's enlivened by them. Mick moved down the block a couple of months ago, and I've considered getting another dog just so Spauld will have another mammal in the house when I'm not around and he can't come with. But for oh so many reasons, that's not so practical. But the kitties? They're fillin' that "extra mammal(s)" gap. Fillin' it with raucous play, and soft soft fur, and purring affection. Yep. Cats. I got me some and I am glad.

I had four months without the internet coming out of the wall, and that meant spending mornings outside and that was way better than sitting down in front of the desk in the mornings, so I'm going to discipline myself to retain that joy and not let the desk tyrannize me any time soon.

I'm playing some really interesting music on the piano again, after a necessary break after SB. My yoga practice is getting good again. And my general commitment to toning, fitness, and clean diet has resulted in me losing 17 pounds of pure flab since May 1, and that makes me really happy. I love the feeling of being slender and toned, and I'm getting there, and it's been a while, and it's a source of pleasure.

So: health, books, gardening, kittens, music and yoga. That's been my last quarter. Howzobout you?
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droid ap for LJ? [Jul. 28th, 2010|05:55 pm]
Content Love Knowles
What's the best 'droid ap for LJ?
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(no subject) [Jul. 28th, 2010|05:46 pm]
Content Love Knowles
I'm very weary of the shallow dip that is facebook, so even though I'll be typing posts with my large thumbs on a tiny mobile, I think I'm mostly back.
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lettuce sandwich, because I've given up frickin' cheese [May. 19th, 2010|08:19 am]
Content Love Knowles
SB ended and not soon enough or there was going to be murder and mayhem on the bandstand and that's about all I have to say about that. Loved the cast, loved many things about the production, and the end of an era as far as I'm concerned in that I'm moving away from spectacle/ritual oriented theater and more to something a little more streamlined and plot oriented, that's produced with courtesy and results in fun for um, me. It's not like I'm making the big bucks here and even if I were, fun is at a premium when it comes to making theater. I will now go into a small chamber draped in black and do the requisite grumbling about people who take themselves too seriously and act like dicks when they don't get their own way.

But anyway, did I mention it ended? It did. And I went to the beach the next day and didn't say 100 words total for the next few days (other than on the phone, which I kept to a minimum). And now I'm back from the beach and doing a 12 night overnight/dog sit/house sit in the country, where the singing bugs echo across the canyon all night long. And then I get one night in my own bed, followed by Flipside (which I'll spend camping with Burning Glam), followed by a few nights in my own bed, then back to the beach, then back to town, some more overnights, and at the end of June I'll take a weekend to go work on Meg's current film project. And then it's July and I inexplicably turn fucking 51.

Trying to hack out a couple of months to write a script. But I won't get that this time. I'll get ye olde worke benche and the doing of writing to a schedule. We shall see.

And there will be much preparation of audition material and learning of songs for various projects. Yep. That's it. Summer 2010.
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cheese sandwich [Apr. 26th, 2010|08:09 am]
Content Love Knowles
That was the week that was: Monday, headed to see a non-existent jazz show (okay, it exists, but not until tonight, this Monday), went to the Good Knight instead and wonked on play/show ideas for upcoming stuff. Tues, made a big pot of Tom Kha and ate it with Carl. Wed, went to see George Clinton with Dave, so dancing all night long. Thurs, Sleeping Beauty, my favorite show of the run, up until that point, then Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women at the Continental. I keep missing their shows, and I almost missed this one and I'm so glad I didn't. 2nd anniversary of Chris Gaffney's death, Christy McWilson a revelation, tight tight tight set, gorgeous harmonies, rocked hard. Friday, SB, slow show, then John Dee Graham, Jesse Sublett and Terri Lord at Evangeline00. Sat, hung out with my dog, took him to SVT for my volunteer minutes with Rubber Rep, then later SB, critic night, awesome good fun, loosened up a lot on the piano, then hit the remnants of M's Thanksgiving in April party, ate turkey and sat up on the back porch until all hours. Slept in on Sunday, breakfast at Garrido's downtown, by the Music Hall, and messing around in Shoal Creek. Downtown Austin, I hardly knew ye. Interview for Your Secrets Are Not Safe With Us, then SB, my favorite show of the run so far, other than that thing where I got mesmerized by a passing D in an Ebm spread and almost missed the big build we do for the kiss between the prince and princess. Band getting tight tight, still looking for triple tight. Big fun to play the show now though, band synergy and all that. Four weeks in and the underscoring is just about right. Better late than never. Interspersed: dogs. walking. gardening. music playin'. good cooking. good sex. good conversation.
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Safety Waltz draft the 1.0 [Feb. 24th, 2010|11:28 am]
Content Love Knowles
King: (2/3)

Safe, keep her safe
I cannot accept this, we cannot agree
We shall not succumb to this fate
I will keep her safe

A father's first duty to his duty to his daughter
is to love and protect her
to discern, to detect
foresee then correct every error
to be firm and yet fair
but reject with great care
that which might mar her grace
and most of all...to keep her safe.

No uncertain outcome
no necromancy
provides me assurance or real guarantee
I'll brook no discussion, but I will instate
high security...to keep her safe!

And so we'll: (4/4)

Burn all the spinning wheels!
Break every spindle
file any sharp point
that could possibly apply!

Blunt each protuberance
Hire more castle guards
thorough searches
no one is exempt

Yes, who knew?
Did you know?
Pick her up and question her!
Polish up the armory
Drop the heavy iron gate
My daughter need never leave the castle
I will keep her safe!


Fool: Did you say...
Never leave the castle?

Queen and Fool: You can't mean...
Never leave the castle?


There's no measure too prohibitive
when it comes to keeping her safe!


But as soon we can we'll instruct her,
explain... and relate

Fool, Queen:

Yes! as soon as we can we'll instruct her,
tell the truth, set her straight


Not on my watch,
not now and not ever
We will never speak of this again!

Fool and Queen:

But for her own good...perhaps...we should


On pain of death
There will be no discussion
This must never be mentioned again!
It's not fitting for her station
I won't tolerate dissention
She need never know!
Must not ever know!


And we...will...keep...her...SAFE!
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Curse of the 13th Fae (draft 1.3) [Feb. 15th, 2010|07:36 am]
Content Love Knowles
*in active revision*

Left out, ignored, uninvited
and perhaps most insultingly: unseen
you didn't mean to be demeaning
it's a symptom
You forgot to give it any thought at all.
You have no sense of our mutual values
And that's the thing
that rankles and appalls.

Attention to detail was your birthright
A gift you have squandered recklessly
You have trivialized things of substance
And now...you have forgotten - ME!

I'm not amusing, and at times I'm inapparent
Less ornamental than perhaps you would prefer
But I am fabric, I am foundation
You've forgotten at great peril, sir.

I had highest hopes for this child
who might have had every gift and
been the source of much opportunity
But in return for finding me irrelevant
I will show you how unimportant one person can be.

Little princess, innocent,
Pure potential, without peer
I curse you with untimely death.
You shall not see your 16th year

You will prick your finger
on a spinner's spindle
You will slowly wither
Then hideously die.

And you ungrateful, inconsiderate humans,
will feel the pain of loss
all for love of one person
Pay the cost in the form of
One regal royal person
Who truly might have mattered...
So sad, when lives are shattered...
So unfortunate, (so) awful, so untoward,
Consider it your duly earned reward!
From the entirely unimportant
disregarded and discarded
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uh oh [Feb. 8th, 2010|08:58 am]
Content Love Knowles
So, I've spent a bunch of time at home recently, even more than usual, because I'm working on music for SB and generally feeling like sticking to the bench, even if it's really slow (which I mention because sometimes the whole skipping-social-engagements/shows feels, I dunno, not exactly futile but more like I'm trying to appease some I-know-not-what which will, I dunno, wring this music out of me, as opposed to a sense that if I stick to it a couple more hours I'll continue fertile work and finish X, Y, and Z. Sometimes as I'm deciding to skip something I simultaneously know that I'm not going to get all that much done but I have to stick to it anyway. I dunno, maybe it's maturity, maybe it's madness, but it's the way it is).

Anyway. The house is clean, and it usually smells pretty nice, because I cook things and I burn incense and anyway, the house. Smells. Nice. I have a super-strong sense of smell and I pay attention to house-smells.

After a somewhat frustratingly low production day yesterday, I took a long nap, early, that predictably turned into me mumbling 'fuck it' from somewhere deep within my snowy warm cocoon and deciding to sleep through and just as predictably sitting up at 2am wide awake, after a little bad dream that involved me hitting someone with my car while backing up. Worse, I saw their shadowy figure back there just before I hit them in that darkened public-space driveway with all the people hanging about, but my reflexes weren't fast enough to stop the car and so not only did I hit them and knock them down under my wheels but I compounded that by immediately backing over them. And yeah, it does feel kind of like a big unexpected speed bump, running over a body.

So, woke up, got up, went to the living room/computer desk/midi keyboard set up and started to mess around. And that's when I smelled...animal urine. Cat urine. And realized...I had vaguely, faintly, thought I smelled cat pee earlier in the night when I got up to use the bathroom or something, but I was half asleep then and besides, I don't have a cat. Now wide awake, I couldn't shake the urine smell. So I tried to run it down. I hoped to find evidence on the ground...I have a dog door and it's not outside of my experience that a strange animal will find its way in.

But no. What I found was strange little noises in the attic, also something I realized I'd been sorta maybe kinda hearing off and on this last week but ignoring (the A/C is up there, that accounts for a variety of small noises). And I realized...the urine smell was in the air. My conclusion, unfortunately, is that whatever is peeing in here is in the attic, the smell is coming through the vents and is maybe powered by the central heat in some way, by which I mean, it comes on and the smell comes through.

This does not bode well. I think I'm going to ignore it today, unless it makes itself manifest again, because the whole call-the-exterminator thing for mammals kind of freaks me out. Otoh, if there are racoons up there (worst case scenario) they've got to go asap. Ugggghhhh.
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(no subject) [Feb. 7th, 2010|04:09 pm]
Content Love Knowles
Scene Three: Castle Birth

Song: Song of the Castle.
Tempo increases as the tension accelerates.

Fool: 8 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, 2 hours, and counting.

Groundskeeper and Hunter: All clear. Area secure. Ready and able. (gesture)

Cook: Milk! I need fresh milk! For the biscuits.

Social Secretary delivers a note from The Queen to the Spinner.

Ladies Chorus: Waiting. Waiting. Waiting on the Queen!
All the pacing, no one’s sleeping, we’re all waiting…

One Voice: On the Queen!

Spinner: The Queen is having a lovely day,
Savoring this sweet time, this sweet time
She’s asked for booties, a bobble-hat,
Soft blankets for the bassinet…
And...she thinks it might be any moment now...

King: today? Right away?
But we’re not completely ready…

Spinner: Everything is fine,
relax and let it happen…

King: What an extraordinary thought!
Not my strong suit, really,
Not my strong suit...

Spinner & Groundskeeper: Babies come when _they are ready...

King: I don't think _I am ready!

Ladies Chorus: All the pacing, no one's sleeping, we're all waiting!

Aunt Argie: (rings bell) The queen’s in labor.

Groundskeeper and Hunter: (double time) All clear. Area secure. Ready and able. (gesture)
Cook: And fresh cream for the butter!

Ladies Chorus: Waiting. Waiting. Waiting on the Queen!

Social Secretary: Where is my list? There is so much left to do!

Fool: Relativity!
When you're waiting like this
Everything is relative
Time is like taffy
stretched out quite thin

Ladies Chorus: (1/2 step mod down) Waiting. Waiting...Ooooh
(1/2 step mod up) Waiting. Waiting...Ahhhh

Spinner: Sweet time. She’s taking her sweet time.

Ladies Chorus: (1/2 step mod down) Waiting. Waiting...Ooooh
(1/2 step mod up) Waiting. Waiting...Ahhhh

Aunt Argie: (rings bell) Boil some water.

King: Is everything all right? (begins pacing)

Groundskeeper and Hunter: (double time) All clear. Area secure. Ready and able. (gesture)

Cook: Homemade Biscuits!

Social Secretary: May I get you anything, your majesty.

King: (yells at him) No! I’m fine!.
(catchs himself) No! ...I'm a thundering blunderbuss, I do apologize...

(sings) I'm besotted
by my daughter
And I haven't even met her...

Fool: Normally he has the situation
Monitored, controlled and well in hand

King: This complexity of feeling, curious and unexpected
Curious, and... curious

Fool: But with all the excitement,
It's his very first child...

Men's Chorus: Finally, they've been waiting!

Ladies Chorus: Finally, we've been waiting!

Cook: Biscuits in the oven.

Aunt Argie: (rings bell) (yawns)

King: Is this normal?. What’s taking so long?

Groundskeeper and Hunter: (double time) All clear. Area secure. Ready and able. (gesture)

Cook: Smell those biscuits baking?

Ladies Chorus: Waiting. Waiting. Ooohhhh....

Fool: You can't punish the clock
for dragging along…
no matter how much you might want to!

Ladies: Waiting, waiting, waiting on the Queen...

Aunt Argie: (rings bell) Is there a doctor in the house?

King: What? This doesn't sound very perfect to me!

Ladies Chorus: All the pacing, no one's sleeping...

Groundskeeper and Hunter: (double time) All clear. Area secure. Ready and able. (gesture)

Cook: Hot biscuits with fresh butter. (She offers them around

Aunt Argie: (rings bell) Any moment now…

King: (cries out in frustration)

Ladies Chorus: Any moment now, any moment now

Guy Chorus: Courage, your majesty!
take a deep breath!

He's lost his firm foundation
His last shred of reserve

Spinner: Babies come when they're ready
Only when they're ready...

Ladies Chorus: Any moment now, any moment now...

King: (keep it) Under control, (got it) under control...

Ladies Chorus: (F) Finally, we've been waiting..
(mod up to G) Waiting, waiting, ohhhhhhhh

Groundskeeper and Hunter: (double time) All clear. Area secure. Ready and able. (gesture)
Cook: More biscuits anyone? (She offers them around)

All: 8 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, 13 hours
Waiting, we're waiting, we're waiting on the Queen!
Chorus 1: And counting
Chorus 2: And waiting
Chorus 1: And counting
Chorus 2: And waiting
Chorus 1: And counting
Chorus: And waiting

Aunt Argie: (rings bell) It’s a girl!!!

King collapses as Fool holds him up.
Gong. Castle exits, collapses, moves off.

Spinner: And so the perfect kingdom is truly complete . . . (sees something uncertain in the spinning wheel)
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